Labas saknes
Treats made with root vegetables, fruits and berries from Latvia

About us

The benefits coming from the roots are too powerful to be ignored. We are aware of what we eat and we would like you to do the same. Therefore, we offer healthy handmade snacks made with fruits, berries and vegetables providing you and your loved ones with a tasty source of energy. It is natural and, most important, good for your health.

For us the carrot is a king of the root vegetables. You can taste it in our healthy chips as well as in some of our tasty sweets. We dry the root vegetables at 45 °C so that they keep all benefits for your health.

Our snacks are rich in fibres and serve as a natural source of energy. Whether you do some sport, have a busy day or spend a day at the computer, you will like that our snacks do not make your fingers greasy. 

All our treats are suitable for vegetarians and celiac disease patients. Most of our snacks are also suitable for vegans. No added sugar.


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